Med-content voice recognition

Let our specialized speech recognition transcribe voice notes hands-free. An intuitive revision system allows the system to learn from you.

Share and collaborate

A secure way to share cases in an ordered manner. Your colleagues don’t have the app yet? No problem. Send them a link to our secure cloud, and grant access only to people you trust, using our secure cloud sharing system.

Assisted AI indexing

Our system can automatically detect key info of your dictation and images to sort them and offer you a summary of important info every time you need it.

In-app patient consent

Patients sign their data consent forms directly in the app, so you’ll have a digital authorization permanently attached to their data, downloadable anytime you need it. Verbal and inferred consent also available.

Presentation mode

Export all your case media with just one click, using our presentation templates or just connect to a Smart TV to present it to your colleagues

Data secure vault

All your data is stored securely on our cloud, adhering to HIPPA/GDPR for your piece of mind and your app password protected in your phone.


Information is key

Good medical records are essential to healthcare. Current electronic medical records (EMR) make providers spend more than 60% of their time with patients in their computers. This results in poor patient satisfaction and clinicians burnout.

Healthcare workers are desperately looking for alternatives

Our phones as assistants

In need of a virtual scribe

  • Caretakers enslaved to their computer's old systems
  • Scarce eye contact = poor patient satisfaction
  • High burnout rate among clinicians
  • Tools used to store patient related media are too time-consuming

A simple solution can go a long way to offer a more humane and efficient attention to their patients

meet Beeset!

mHealth to the rescue!

  • Easy medical data recollection
  • Simple sharing process
  • Secure, cloud-based storage
  • Patients can control their medical data.

Our solution saves time, improves the decision-making process, positively impacts the outcome of patients and avoids life risking medical burnout.

Practice analytics

Keep track of your personal practice analytics. Discover your most treated pathologies and your treatment outcome. All these guided by automatic tagging.

Easy text capture

As easy as using your camera. Our app detects patient codes and other important EMR data to help you organize your captured info automatically.

Patient-owned medical data

Patient data is not owned by one single entity. Patients can send their data without the fear of corruption or tampering and control who has access to it.

Cloud-based EMR

Users lacking an EMR at their hospital? The one they have is poorly designed? Create a virtual one using our solution. With bottom-up system integration individual users can later connect their records to centralized solutions if needed.

Intuitive collaboration

Create and manage cases shared with day-to-day coworkers. Create a shared library of knowledge to enhance performance and quality of service in your workplace. 

Patient Companion App

Our companion patient App allows users to feel empowered by the ownership of their own medical data, which they can review and share with other healthcare providers in the future, no matter what country they are in.

User research


  • It’d be incredible. It’s a dream of mine, to have this kind of assistant in my phone.. My phone and cloud storage is so full of data and I’m not full aware of the potential of what I have there.

    M. Concepción Castro M.D.
    Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Resident surgeons would benefit hugely by this app and they’d save many hours of computer interaction every week It’s incredible how they still use pen and paper to keep track of some cases.

    Alvaro Toro M.D.
    Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Voice recognition for my voice notes would be awesome. I don’t have almost any time to write anything down at work, so this would be a game-changer in my medical practice.

    Beatriz Mirón M.D.
    Orthopedic Surgeon
The Sherplayers

Meet the Team

  • Juan Rios

    Juan Rios

    Orthopedic Surgeon. Entrepreneur in Education since his youth. Founder of two successful online medical education companies.

  • Felix G. Rios

    Felix Guillermo. Rios

    Over 20 years of experience in web development and leadership. Driven to help teams build products that make a significant impact on users’ lives,

  • Felix Manuel Rios

    London-based Marketing expert, specialized in Product Growth and User Research. Professional photographer is his secret identity.

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