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The Burnout Manifesto

COVID-19 was the last straw. Physicians have long been accumulating points for burnout. More than 50% of our colleagues show symptoms of burnout. What society requires from medical doctors: Sacrifice: to put the common good before our own well-being and...
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clinical notes sherplay

Clinical Notes: My Patient Wants to Read Them – What Should I Do?

When I started my medical career and as I progressed in it, the impression I had was that clinical notes were only for health care providers and should be kept out of the reach of patients. It was a treasure...
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physician burnout

COVID-19 Produces Physician Burnout: 5 Measures that Help

Physician burnout is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. With the Covid-19 pandemic, society is facing a challenge known to us only in the stories of yesteryear. Faced with this, a group of citizens has come forward without...
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rafael grossman

[Feature] Rafael Grossman – Sherplay Advisor

The Sherplay team has endless ideas and a strong passion to change healthcare for the better across the world.  But in order to achieve our goals, we owe a lot of gratitude and knowledge to our outstanding team of advisors,...
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patient engagement

Patient Engagement: The Importance of Patients Being Involved in Their Own Healthcare

Patient engagement with their own healthcare is a crucial topic that needs to be spoken about openly.  “People actively involved in their health and health care tend to have better outcomes–and, some evidence suggests, lower costs.” – Julia James Most...
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iberian press

Beeseet Featured in Spanish Iberian Press

We are delighted to see that Beeseet was featured on Iberian Press! The text is in Spanish, and you can read it below! READ MORE!
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