[Feature] Rafael Grossman – Sherplay Advisor

rafael grossman

The Sherplay team has endless ideas and a strong passion to change healthcare for the better across the world

But in order to achieve our goals, we owe a lot of gratitude and knowledge to our outstanding team of advisors, who so generously share their knowledge and ideas with us on a daily basis.

In this very special feature, we’d like to share the experience overview of one of our advisors, Dr. Rafael J. Grossmann Zamora, MD, FACS.

“I know that the exponential development of technology and its smart use, will profoundly, positively impact the Healthcare system in ways that are difficult to even imagine”. After graduating from Singularity, “I have constantly worked to define myself as a Healthcare Futurist“. – Dr. Grossman

Career Overview

Dr. Rafael Grossman is a surgeon, speaker, patient advocate, speaker, and healthcare futurist. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, he immigrated to the US and completed his surgery residency in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

Dr. Grossman then continued his clinical experience by developing as a General, Trauma, Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic surgeon who now practices in Maine, USA.

Career Focus and Contribution to Global Healthcare Advancement

What sets Dr. Grossman apart is his unrelenting focus on tapping into the paradoxical power of technology and developing it to coexist with better, more humane medical care. Few have attempted to pursue their professional advancements into uncharted territories.

As a healthcare futurist, being a full-time practicing surgeon gives him the rare skills, qualities and advantages that clinicians have, but most technology innovators lack.

This duality of expertise makes him a voice that must be heard. A voice that impacts and addresses both ends of the spectrum, diversifying the target audience, as well as feeding multiple interests and curiosities.

Sherplay isn’t the only team that is grateful for Dr. Grossman’s advice.

He is also advisor and consultant to several entities, including Magic Leap, Animares, Nanox.Vision and many startup enterprises in the technology landscape. He’s lectured at MIT Media Lab, Stanford, Google, Deloitte, and many other pivotal digital-health industry players.

Outstanding Achievements in Surgical Practices and Healthcare

He was one of the earliest GoogleGlass Explorers in the world and was the FIRST Doctor to ever use Google Glass during live surgery (Google Glass In The Operating Room! ). This event catapulted him into the digital medicine ecosystem, as a disrupter of established medical paradigms and traditional ways of practicing.

“Disrupting the way in which medical data and information flow will decrease costs and medical errors, allowing for better care and less mortality”.

Rafael has also been a TEDx speaker on many occasions. 

He has been a national and global Keynote Speaker in all continents and in fantastic venues, including Exponential Medicine, MedicineX , Games For Health, in Amsterdam, Doctors2.0 in Paris, HIMSS-AP 2014 in Singapore, ATA, Cerner, FEI, DigitalHealthLive, HIMSS Middle East, EO Nepal2015, Health2.0Europe, STEP, GITEX, and events San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Boston, Dubai, Riyadh, Budapest, Seoul, Berlin, Cartagena, Mexico DF, Barranquilla, etc.

He has been interviewed by many outlets, including CBS ( Is Google Glass the new stethoscope? ), Univision (El Dr. Grossmann fué el primer cirujano en realizar una operación con Google Glass http://t.co/wwTnMKbCze via @alpunto), CNN, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, PCMag, Le Figaro, Maine Mag, etc.

Building the Sherplay Dream Team

At Sherplay, we are delighted to have an amazing team of individuals working towards innovations in healthcare, and we are proud to have Dr. Rafael Grossman as both an advisor and a friend. 

His contributions to the recent Alpha Launch of our innovative clinical notes assistant Beeseet have contributed to an amazing app that is already being tested by healthcare professionals.

We can achieve so much more when we are part of a passionate team, and we are looking forward to watching Dr. Grossman contribute his outstanding knowledge and expertise to a better, healthier world healthcare system.

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