The Burnout Manifesto


COVID-19 was the last straw.

Physicians have long been accumulating points for burnout. More than 50% of our colleagues show symptoms of burnout.

What society requires from medical doctors:

  • Sacrifice: to put the common good before our own well-being and safety. 
  • Dedication: long shifts that can be up to 36 hours long.
  • Meet goals: one patient every 5 or 7 minutes.
  • And then, there are the computer admin tasks for which we were not trained and have nothing to do with our job. 

As a reward we get:

  • Poor working conditions.
  • A payroll that is not proportional to the effort and responsibility we have.

Even though clinical notes are the only means of communication with our patients, colleagues and future selves, we are forced to use EMRs that feel 20 years old.

Not only are they outdated, but they are also a true nightmare for documenting patient care. They are also our only legal defense against malpractice.

Whenever you see a patient, you must type all the information that they are telling you, as well as everything that you recommend, into a computer. While you are doing this, your focus is neither on the patient nor on the computer.

You cannot properly focus on either task. As a result, your EMR notes may end up having to be edited at the end of the day, and the patient feels as if you were not paying any attention to them.

If we just listen and take notes afterward, we forget key information and our clinical notes are poor. Then, on the next visit, we waste time with repetition, our colleagues don’t understand our notes, and we end up legally exposed.

A new way forward

At the very least, we need to “detach ourselves from the keyboard”, regain control of our clinic and reconnect with our patients, without the computer in the way.

We have to change the way we document our encounters with patients. A tool cannot be worse than the problem it is meant to solve.

In project Beeseet, we are using technology to change this reality, with AI and modern tech tools to help us with clinical notes.

But we need to recruit the rebels, the dreamers, to join this movement. Those who believe that there is a better way to do things.

Let them know that with Beeseet, we can change the entire system.

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